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Public entity risk pools use creative programs and services to make public entities safer, reduce property and liability claims, save taxpayer dollars, and ensure the ability of tens of thousands of public entities to stay focused on the services they provide to their communities. If you are new to pooling or looking to expand your knowledge in new pooling functions, this 8-course learning path provides a comprehensive review of the key operational and governance areas and how they work together.

Pooling Basics courses are designed to offer learners a baseline understanding of core pool operations including governance, underwriting, claims, finance, risk management, member relations, and employee benefits. Within each course, learners will explore key concepts, learn from pooling experts, and engage with interactive exercises to increase their pooling knowledge and bring that knowledge to their own pools.

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Hot Topics cover the current issues and trends pools face today.

This first course discusses the goals of Business Continuity Planning and the importance of developing clear mitigation and response strategies to not only react and respond during an unexpected event but to thrive before, during, and after the event.

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